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Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

38,000 STROKES PER MINUTE-Elegant , Sweet & POWERFUL, get those tough stains out with our Powerful sonic Toothbrush 3 YEAR SUPPLY OF BRUSH HEADS- Each Brush head last 3 months, our Brush heads are made of dupont nylon Bristles for the most safest, Comfortable and best way to Brush. LONG LASTING - One 6 Hour Charge Will Last you up to 25 days, based off of brushing 2x a day for up to 2 minutes each Time. 3 BRUSHING MODES- Normal, Super, Gumcare. each mode offers various oral care needs. 2 MINUTE AUTO TIMER WITH A 30 SECOND INTERVAL ALERT SYSEM FOR EACH QUANDRANT OF THE MOUTH SMART- Smart LED indicator with power shortage reminder and power -off protection

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